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Single Page
One-Time Setup Fee: $499
One-Time Setup Fee: $499
One-Time Setup Fee: $499
What is included
Yearly Hosting Fee* (1st Year Free)
Onboarding Discovery Call
Fully Build Website & Setup
Responsive & Mobile Ready
Connect Website With Domain Name
Ongoing Tech Supports
Monthly Website Edits
Montly Performance Report
SEO Optimization
CMS Content Management System
Marketing Consulting Services
Advanced SEO Strategy + Reporting
Multi-Channel Advertising Management
Let's Talk
* At Supersonic Sites, we believe in quality, transparency and value. We don't follow industry standards of cramming our clients websites on to cheap shared web servers with thousands of poor and often risky websites. We send Google signals that our clients sites are fast (ie: helps search ranking) and that these sites are quality. When it comes to top notch website hosting, we simply pass on the direct costs for hosting yearly. Think of hosting as the foundation of a house, or the rocketship launch pad  — it's essential to prioritize quality over savings to get top results for your business. 😊
Local Hero
Ad Spends Between $300 to $1000
Growth Accelerator
Ad Spends Between $1000 to $3000
Market Dominator
Ad Spends Between $3000 to $5000
What is included
Up To A $600 Google Ad Credit*
Custom Ad Strategies
Local Keywords Focus
Monthly Reports
Advanced Conversion Tracking
Let's Talk