From Website To Revenue Bottom Line


So you got a brand new website; it's fresh like a new car, and it is now out there for the world to see. But now what? Sad reality check: unless you are already a big player in your market with tons of other websites linking to's a beautiful island with no one on it.

Having a website is one thing, but getting calls and inquiries through it? That's when the rubber hits the road.

Please stick with us through this article; we promise you'll walk away with clear insights on what you should do next.

Turning The Machine On

Out of the box, we've applied the hard-won knowledge that came from spending millions of dollars in advertising dollar so that your website can turn people who are interested in your business into leads and sales:

  • We have used best design practices so that your phone calls or form submissions are only 1 or 2 clicks away.
  •  We have used colour psychology to highlight your calls to action.
  •  Our layout works great on all devices and is simple enough for Grandma to navigate.
  •  We have implemented tracking so that we can count how many phone calls and leads you have.
  •  We have optimized everything for SEO
  •  Make sure your website loads lightning-fast
  •  etc.

That's great and all, but it does absolutely nothing unless you have a steady flow of high-quality eyeballs looking at your website.

Getting High Quality Visitors Through Advertising

A famous ad man once said:

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half!

John Wanamaker

Sadly, that's where most business owners find themselves. But now we can do better. You can do what we call "Scientific Advertising" or "Gum-Ball Dispenser Marketing".

You know how gum-ball dispenser works right? Put $0.25 at the top, crank and pops out the gum-ball at the bottom. In your case, this is how your advertising should work:

  1. Put money in ads
  2. Get a client many time would you spend $20 to get a $500 client? Would you consider the money you spent on ads an expense that could be potentially cut-off?

Of course not.

The Gold Standard

There isn't a magic bullet in advertising. Still, when creating an automated and predictable way to get leads, Google Ads is the gold standard.

There is yet to be one business we have encountered that wouldn't benefit from Google Ads.

What do we mean by Google Ads? Google Ads are everywhere, from Gmail to YouTube, but the most relevant for your business are Google Search Results and Google Maps. (See Below)

Your Automated Client Dispenser Machine

Imagine someone looking into their phone and saying, "I need a plumber now," or typing, "Best Italian restaurant near me." When people search on Google, they're usually ready to take action. With Google Ads, you're reaching out to folks who are actively searching for what you offer. You can't get any better than that.

Do you have $10/day to grow your business?

To us, Google Ads for 99% of business websites is a no-brainer. What we've seen since our inception is a direct correlation between business websites that succeed and those who are not.

We know clients who run Google Ads stay in business, increase their revenues and know that their ads way more than pay for themselves.

Control Growth Approach

Here is the truth: Google will happily take your money if you don't know what you are doing. At Supersonic, we have a controlled growth approach. We usually suggest starting with $10/day; then, we dial in the ads until we get predictable results ($10 per call or form submission, for example).

Then we check with you:

  • Is the quality of the inquiries any good?
  •  How many of them do you need to get a sale?

From there, we have a good idea of how we are positioned to scale your business. If for every $1 you spend, you don't make at least $4, there are improvements to make before increasing your budget.

But What About SEO?

As soon as you venture into the digital marketing world, many people will tell you that "you need good SEO" - including that random person sending you emails about how they can help you or tell you your website is "no-good" to sell you on their package. 🙄

We've covered this topic in-depth in our article "The Dirty Little Secret About SEO," but if you want to overview, here it is:

  • SEO takes months to have any impacts
  • It's just as costly (or more) than paying for the top position in the beginning
  • Results are not guaranteed

Results That Speak For Themselves

Our friend Peter at Carolina Gourmet once had an old clunky website. He is an award-winning chef with decades of experience. We revamped his website and started in earnest to advertise his business on Google Ads. Something magical happened.

Not only did he give us a call about how he 4X his revenue for the month of May (year over year) but he also got featured on the Today Show!

All that as a direct consequence of our advertising efforts.

I can't recommend working with Supersonic enough. The team is incredibly capable and spent the time and energy needed to understand both my business and the website project. What they have done for my business is nothing short of revolutionary. 👍 
Peter Olsacher
Award-Winning Chef at Carolina Gourmet

$600 On The Floor, Ready To Be Picked Up.

We have a saying at Supersonic and it this:

Just pick up the $5 laying in the corner

Brent Hohlweg

There is a lot of things you can do for grow your business but sometimes, it's just about picking up the money that is right there ready for you to pick-up and put in your pocket.

Up to $600 In Ad Credit To Get Started

If you have never run Google Ads before, you are eligible for an ad credit of up to $600. Yes, that's right! When you start with Google Ads, we walk you step by step through the claiming process and then ensure its use is maximized.

Regular Google Ads Pricing

Google Ads aren't free, and quality advertising management requires some investment. Typically, we offer our Google Ads service at a competitive rate of $249/month. But, as a token of our appreciation for trusting us with your brand, we're knocking down that price tag. Instead of the usual, you can hop on board our Google Ads train for just $199/month.

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