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Consumer Awareness Guide To Website Design

A comprehensive guide to effectively plan, hire & avoid costly mistakes.
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The Consumer Awareness Guide to Web Design by Supersonic Sites

Getting a website without getting ripped off isn't easy...

Why we created this guide...

After being in the website design business for nearly a decade, we've seen too many people make the wrong choices with their business website. There's only a few right ways to make a website...and a lot of wrong ways that will cost you time, money, and your peace of mind. But making a website doesn't need to be a big headache!

We've compiled this free guide because we want you to avoid those costly pitfalls. We offer essential information so you can arm yourself with all the knowledge and confidence you need to make an educated decision in an industry filled with conflicting information.

This guide include:

5 Hidden costs of building a website
How to save on the huge upfront cost of getting a website
12 Questions to ask before hiring a web designer
5 Costly mistakes business owners make
7 Key steps to get a great small business website online
4 Pillars of your online business presence
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