The Supersonic Way

Discover how easy it is to have Supersonic build your website in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Consultation & Onboarding

We Get Together To Understand Your Business

Discovery Call:

This isn't merely a conversation; it's our first step in understanding how to craft a website that will generate leads and sales for you. After assessing your needs, we move on to let you know which type of website would best fit your current needs.


Once we've aligned on your needs and objectives, the sign-up process marks the beginning of our official partnership. We believe in tailored solutions, and this step ensures that we select the best service tailored to your unique requirements.


Once you are signed up, you will automatically be invited to schedule an onboarding call with our development team. This is where we map out the blueprint for your website, gathering all the essential details from design cues to content specifics.

Step 2: Design & Development

Our Team Craft A Website Designed To Produce Results


Our production phase is where your vision starts to take tangible form. We craft a website tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring it's primed to generate leads and sales. Every design choice is made with your business goals in mind, creating a platform that not only looks good but performs exceptionally.

Quality Assurance:

Before presenting the website to you, it undergoes rigorous quality assurance. This step is crucial to ensure that every element, from functionality to aesthetics, meets our high standards.


This is your opportunity to see the site in action and provide feedback. Importantly, this demo initiates the edits and feedback process. To maintain efficiency and respect for both parties, our first monthly charge is applied one month post-demo. This approach ensures a timely completion of edits and a seamless transition to the site's launch.

Step 3: Review & Launch

We Collaborate To Put Together The Finishing Touch To Your Website

Edits from the Client:

Your feedback is paramount. After the demo, we move into the edits phase, where we incorporate your suggestions and fine-tune the website to perfection. This process ensures that the final product aligns seamlessly with your vision and objectives, ready to make an impact for your business bottomline.

Final Setup:

This involves implementing conversion tracking to monitor performance, setting up monthly reports to keep you informed, and submitting your site to search engines to maximize visibility. Every detail is addressed to guarantee a smooth and efficient launch.


Before presenting the website to you, it undergoes rigorous quality assurance. This step is crucial to ensure that every element, from functionality to aesthetics, meets our high standards.

Don't take our word for it

Our clients rave about their websites and ongoing care. Check out Google for more reviews.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you show me some example sites?

Here are some sample sites we've built recently for awesome clients. We've got tons more of course, but they highlight nicely our craftsmanship and quality. We'd love to chat and see if our services could help you too.

2. Can I change the content of the website once it's online?

Absolutely! We provide unlimited* content edits to sites for free each month. Just reach out to our support team with your request and we’ll get your site tweak done asap. We promise NO geek talk. Just tell us what to update, ie: new headshot, new team member, maybe even a new service. (Watch out world... your business is blasting off and going Supersonic!)

3. I can just get my site done for free on Wix or one of the rip off clones?

Our parents always taught us that nothing is really free. If something is free online, usually you're paying by giving up your privacy to their online advertising networks. The truth is if the price is too low, they're making it up by volume, making your business just an invisible number. You'll be surprised how "free" becomes hundreds of dollars per year...which begs the question, if you're paying anyways, why bother to make a DIY site that looks outdated and unprofessional?

4. Why not just use Wordpress?

Wordpress is awesome. It’s an open source free project that's been around for over a decade. But the truth is that Wordpress is not truly free (ie: no cost). Supersonic Sites® was born from our direct pain maintaining Wordpress sites over the years. We spent thousands of hours solving sites breaking, being hacked, going offline, and being painfully SLOW before we finally tossed our hands in the air and gave up. Don’t get us wrong, Wordpress is a very effective tool in the right hands for the right project (in fact,the payment and marketing systems on this website are run via a highly optimized Wordpress set up). But for most folks, Wordpress is not free and ends up costing the small business a lot of money. It's like bringing a gun to a knife fight… it’s over kill, and not needed 80% of the time for small businesses.

5. Could my site disappear if you went out of business?

If you value your business online, we're one of the safest investments to hang your hat on. We tell all our friends to ask the question above as it's truly a great question to ask of any CLOUD based internet service you might be thinking of choosing. First, we're self-funded and have been profitable from day one. We owe nothing to anyone, no venture capital money to sell us (and you) off to some bigger shark. We're fiercely indie, and fighting for small businesses. Second, our technology never goes offline. In fact both founders, our team, and then the entire internet need to disappear first before your site ever goes offline (that is NOT the case with free DIY solutions or a freelancer working on a cheap server with Wordpress, etc). Plus at our core we truly care, and both of us know that small businesses look out for each other.

6. My neighbour’s kid can make us a site for cheap?

We could ramble on about all the tech geek stuff we do to make Supersonic Sites® rip, but we all know: "You pay peanuts, you get monkeys." Invest in your business and do it right online. We offer crazy outstanding value for enterprise level service (this tech and marketing used to cost hundreds of thousands!). Getting a blazing fast site built right is not for us to sell you on. Either you understand the value or you don’t. And hey, Tommy next door is always free to learn those lessons. We'll be here when you're ready to get your site done right, so you can focus on growing your business…instead of wasting hours upon hours on Youtube trying to be a tech guru yourself.

7. Will you talk geek to me?

Nope. Never. Nada. We're sick and tired of listening to anti-social geeky folks look down on small business owners as being somehow less than them. We are in YOUR corner. We will always be friendly, nice and helpful. There are no stupid questions. Our hope is that we can help educate you about all this online stuff in a thoughtful way along the way. Then when your business has out-grown us, you'll hire an awesome Custom Boutique Agency to build that $10,000 site (and you will rock it!). But that said… please don’t go… we love you and will never talk geek to you.

8. We think a website should cost thousands...why choose Supersonic?

At the price we charge, we're not going to break the bank if you decide to not use our service. We have no hidden agenda, other than to listen and see if the custom website you’re considering spending thousands on would be a great fit for our semi custom coded sites. The 80/20 rule often applies: most small businesses just need a Homepage, About Us, Service, Gallery, Contact page, etc. We offer a free no risk, no obligation honest chat about your project. In fact we've sent tons of folks along to Agencies because that was the best fit for their project. We're here to give some free advice. Reach out, we’re friendly, and we may just save you a ton of money.

Consumer Awareness Guide To Website Design

Written by Renaud Gagné & Renée Heron

From the top questions to ask before hiring a website designer to how to eliminate online marketing costs, all the way to how to avoid the biggest mistakes business owners make with their website… Our 25 pages Consumer Awareness Guide has got it all!
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