What type of website is best for small businesses?

If you are reading this article it's probably because you are considering getting a website for your small business. The sheer array of choices and options is overwhelming. As you keep reading, you will discover that it doesn't have to be. Are you a product or a service-based business? The first question you have to […]

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You Got A Website...Now What?

How To Get Started Right After You Launch Your Website Congratulations! If you are reading this, it is probably because you have launched your brand new website! Then what? Our mission at Supersonic Sites® is to help small business owners achieve success with their brand new website. This is why we are giving a short 5 […]

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5 Costly Mistakes Business Owners Make with their Business Website

This article is an excerpt from our Consumer Awareness Guide to Website Design. Download your copy today for more essential information about how to effectively plan, hire & avoid costly mistakes. Introduction Is your website giving you problems? Or are you struggling through the process of getting a website? You've come to the right place. […]

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5 Hidden Costs of Building a Website

So, you want to build a website? Great! But do you know the true cost of owning and maintaining one? If not, you've come to the right place. In this article, you'll discover the main 5 hidden costs that come with owning a website.

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How to Save on the Huge Upfront Cost of Getting a Business Website

Enjoy learning about how to save on the huge upfront cost of getting a website. Read this article to learn more.

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Our love letter to small business owners everywhere

Supersonic Sites is a redo, a rethink, a simplified, potent reintroduction of websites. A fresh launch, the way it was always meant to be. Supersonic is our love letter to small businesses everywhere, and we’re sending it to you on the Web.

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