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We started Supersonic Sites® because we had grown tired of seeing small business owners struggle with their online marketing and websites.

After spending nearly a decade running a high-end boutique marketing agency focused on mid-market companies, we decided we needed to HELP small business owners succeed too. We grew tired of watching clients and friends be charged just for constantly fixing their WordPress websites, solving hosting + hacking tragedies, and trying to figure out why their sites were growing painfully SLOOOOOOOOW. Business owners should be focused on growing their business, not fiddling around with website and online digital marketing problems!

So we asked ourselves: Do all small business owners NEED a big freelance website that could costs thousands of dollars? Are all the free and cheap online DIY alternatives truly a solid solution? Not everyone wants to be handed a 'wrench to go fix their own car'.

So we took our decades of marketing and web development experience and built Supersonic 'Forever Sites®,' a beautifully hand-crafted framework code used to create a semi-custom layout to fit what your business offers. Your “Forever Site” will never break, never go offline, and can be live in about a week or less. Finally, small businesses wouldn't have to worry about their websites ever again!

We realized that even though our clients could  have a blazing fast solid website, it wouldn't matter if no one was able find them online. There are tons of solutions for building a website, but no one is helping small businesses with their online marketing too. So we set about optimizing our online ad offerings to help our small business clients. Supersonic Ads® is focused on taking our high performing online marketing knowledge and putting the foundation of a solid online ad campaign together.

Supersonic is a redo, a rethink, a simplified, potent reintroduction of websites and online marketing. A fresh launch, the way it was always meant to be. (It should be EASY).

Supersonic is our love letter to small businesses everywhere, and we’re sending it to you on the Web.

Fiercely indie and devoted to you,

A photo of Brent Hohlweg and Renaud Gagné of Supersonic Sites
Renaud & Brent
Co-Founders aka Rocket Engineers
Brent Hohlweg - Headshot

Brent Hohlweg - President & Founder

Brent holds a Fine Arts Degree from Emily Carr University of Art & Design. He brings over two decades of real world effective marketing, branding, creative and digital solutions to every project. He is passionate about how marketing, brand, design and digital intersect to propel companies to leaders in their communities.

He has founded Supersonic Sites®, and continues to run a successful boutique marketing consulting agency Steam Train Creative and also Co-Founded Men In Kilts. At Men In Kilts he built the brand from 40k to over 5 million in sales, landing the company on NBC, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX Local, FOX Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, The National Post, Canadian Business Franchising Magazine, AMEX Business Open Forum, The Vancouver Sun, Business In Vancouver, CityTV, Shaw TV, Global National TV, tons of radio shows, and many more print and online publications before successfully selling and exiting.

rvBrent has also toured all of North America with his wife and young son (36 States & almost all of Canada!). You can check out that journey here: www.rving.it

Image of Renaud Gagne

Renaud Gagne - CTO & Co-Founder

Renaud is “The” French Man of this rocket ship, often called by his friends, the sponge. If you bring him a problem and he doesn’t know the answer to it, he will find the solution and even become an expert in the topic within a few weeks.

His skills include Web Development(HTML/CSS), Direct Response Marketing, Online Marketing, Web Analytics, Advanced Facebook Advertising, SEO + Traffic Generation, Social Media Marketing, juggling knives and fire breathing (those last two are real!).

His decade of experience in marketing and web development led him to develop the technology behind the Supersonic rocketship. His passion is to see small business owners cut through the noise and have a solid online foundation no matter what industry or niche they are in.

Consumer Awareness Guide To Website Design

Written by Renaud Gagné & Renée Heron

From the top questions to ask before hiring a website designer to how to eliminate online marketing costs, all the way to how to avoid the biggest mistakes business owners make with their website… Our 25 pages Consumer Awareness Guide has got it all!
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The Consumer Awareness Guide to Web Design by Supersonic Sites